Every Tuesday night we meet for dinner, degrees and fellowship and our brethren are always ready to make visitors feel at home.

Traveling Brethren

Welcome to Indianapolis!  In spite its former nickname, “nap town,” Indy has grown to become a live and vibrant city with great food, entertainment, sports and Freemasonry.

All brethren are welcome to stop by to checkout a degree or even just visit for dinner.  Our craft guild performs degrees on Saturdays and they always appreciate guests.

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Local Visitors

A challenge goes out to all lodges to visit and claim one of the traveling gavel’s we have claimed over the past few years.  Call our secretary to find out the requirements to claim the gavels.

If you have a large group coming, please contact us a week in advance so we can make sure we have enough food to serve all of our guests.

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When To Visit

Millersville meets every Tuesday, except for July and August and the weeks after officer installation in December.

Millersville works hard to perform ritual work with meaning.  Our master Mason degrees are conducted with a full craft, dressed for their parts.  If you come visit you might be asked to help fill the craft, if your able and willing.

Most of the brothers begin arriving at 5:30pm to chat and play cards.  Dinner begins at 6:00pm, with the degree starting at 7:00pm.

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Transfer & Duel Membership

If you are new to Indianapolis, moved to our side of town or want to supplement your existing masonic involvement, Millersville welcomes you.  While nothing can replace the Lodge where you were raised, but we hope Millersville can help you continue your Masonic journey.

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Inactive Members

Life gets hectic.  Your carrer takes off, your family grows and then one morning you wake up and realize I haven’t been to lodge in ten years, I wonder what is going on.  Reengaging your lodge, or another one, can be almost as intimidating as walking through the doors the first time.  We make it easy with the rusty-nail ceremony and brethren who will help refresh your memory and get you reengaged.

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Restoration Of Membership

From time to time, a brother goes through a period in his life where he neglect to pay dues.  Is that you?  While we would have preferred you following the demit process or requesting a remission, if you were unable to pay your dues, we can help get you back in good standing.

While restoration is not guaranteed, we want to help you through the process and give you the best chance of being restored and finding true value in your membership as a Freemason.

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