Tuesday Dinner & Degrees

Doors Open 5pm.  Dinner at 6pm.  Degrees 7pm.

Millersville Lodge fires up its kitchen for Tuesday evening where our chefs cook up everything from Hoosier favorites to an authentic Liberian food (courtesy of our Liberian brothers and their families).

Before Tuesday dinner, brothers gather for cards, games and visitors are welcome to Lodge tours and fit right in the with fellowship.

Degrees or Stated Meetings start after dinner.

Entered Apprentice Degree

The Junior Warden usually presides over this degree for up to three candidates and the evening is typically over by 9:15pm.

Fellow Craft Degree

The Senior Warden typically confers this degree.  We usually have two to four brothers being passed to the degree on these evenings.  The highlight of this degree is an emotional and impactful performance of the main lecture in full form.  We usually conclude around 9:00pm.

Master Mason Degree

The Worshipful Master presides over our Master Mason Degrees when we raise one or two candidates to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason.  The allegory of this degree is performed with a full craft as we all show our support, encouragement and congratulations for our new Master Masons.  We usually close just after 10:00pm.  


Attendance of Brothers & Visitors

The officers and candidates are thankful that we often have many brethren on the sidelines to help convey importance and impact of our degrees to our candidates.

We love when guests from other lodges visit, especially when they bring their new initiates to start experiencing Masonry outside the walls of their home lodge.