Millersville York Rite

Meeting Time

First & Third Mondays
Dinner 6:00 PM
Meeting 7:00 PM


Millersville Masonic Temple


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Three sub-organizations: the chapter, council and commandery constitute the Millersville York Rite.

When a member becomes a master Mason they are left with certain unanswered questions.  The York Rite ceremonies provide answers to some of these questions.  The ceremonies delve deeper into the allegories surrounding the building of King Solomon’s temple and revisits some characters Masons will find familiar from the blue Lodge degrees.

While the blue Lodge only has 10 officer positions, the York Rite provides opportunities for Masons to develop leadership and ritual skills.  Each of the three bodies has an officer line and gives Masons a chance to build an organization that supports and rounds out the blue Lodge.  The York Rite also supports several medial-research funds and provides additional social outlets for its members.

If you are a new master Mason and looking for ways to get involved in Masonry or find out more about your Masonic ritual, consider joining the York Rite.


Any master Mason in good standing.  The chapter and council are open to all Masons.  However the commandery is the Christian branch of Freemasonry and requires a declaration of preference for the Christian religion.