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5605 East 38th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46218

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The most worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Indiana is recognized as a branch of Freemasonry in good standing.  While these Prince Hall Lodges are not under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Indiana, members are in every way welcome to visit any Masonic Lodge, and likewise, we enjoy the privilege of visiting their lodges.

Unfortunately, American Freemasonry has not always been as open and accepting to different races and cultures as we are today.  Prince Hall was an abolitionist and early leader in the black community formed Prince Hall Freemasonry in North America.  He had the insight to see that Masonry is relevant to all men and created the Price Hall Lodge.

Today, the Prince Hall Lodges in Indiana honor their heritage and do services of charity to the community at large, like volunteering on Thanksgiving in Indianapolis soup kitchens.

Now, both the traditional Indiana Grand Lodge and Prince Hall Grand Lodge welcome members of every country, sect and opinion, but we still glad to share a rich Masonic heritage and appreciate our unique backgrounds and identities.