A Masonic Lodge has lots of moving parts, like conducting our rituals, planning social, building upkeep and cooking our weekly meals.  The leadership at Millersville Lodge, consisting of officers, committee leaders and trustees, tackle these tasks to keep the lodge running smoothly.

Officer Line

The Millersville officer line is a seven-year progressive line.  Each officer progressively takes on more responsibility, until he is elected Worshipful Master.

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The trustees each serve a three-year elected term.  The trustees spend countless hours on building-improvement projects and regular maintenance.  If you have any ideas for the building, please contact them.

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Past Masters

A past master, or PM for short, is someone who has served as worshipful master.  Millersville is fortunate to have quite a few active past masters who serve as mentors for our current officer line and brethren at large.

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