Why Join

We live in a busy world.  Work takes up more time than ever,  there are a million organizations someone can join and our time with family and friends is precious.   Why would you choose to spend your most scare resource on Freemasonry?

Your Time Is Valuable

Well, it takes as little or as much time as you want it.  Your only required attendance is your degrees.  After that you can be involved sparingly, when your free, or dive in and find a Masonic event almost every day of the week.  It is up to you. Our members who choose to spend time with the fraternity are the ones who also get the most out of their membership.

15 Reasons You Might Want to Join

1.Being a Part of Something Bigger By joinng you become a part of a world wide network of men who are actively trying to make the world a better place.
2.Good Friends While many Mason’s meet as strangers, they quickly become good friends.
3.Mentorship A range of people in various situations in life: Young and Old, Highschool Graduate to Doctor, Single man to great great grandfathers.  You will find people who can help you through and understand your life.

4.Family Friendly Events We have BBQ’s, movie nights, outings to favorite activities.
5. Pre-Planned Date Nights The offices plan group date nights for our members and their wives.
6.Appreciation of History Many of our Nation’s founder’s were masons.  Our ritual has changed very little since the likes of Ben Franklin and George Washington received their Masonic degrees.  See the time honored truths rooted in the founding of our nation.

7.Honoring of the Military Many Active Military servicemen are Masons.  Many Veterans as well after they leave Active Duty and needed brotherhood in Masonry. 
8.Patriotism Vetrans and Military members who served as early as WWII will share stories with you that will awaken a sense of patriotism.
 9.Food for Thought Degrees are layered with symbolism.  Masons find that our ceremonies are continually teaching new things, even after being a member for 50 years. 

10. Support As a Mason, you promise to support eachother.  We help each other and our families in hard times. 
11.Moving Buddy Seriously – who can’t use the bond’s of brotherhood to help you move.  Brothers are there for you..especially if you provide pizza and beer. 
12.Missing your college Fraternity? Many Masons were active in their undergraduate fraternity and find that Freemasonry compliments that experience.  Many college fraternities based their initiation rituals on Freemasonry.

13.Give Back Masonry provides a chance to give back.  At Millersville and through our appended bodies, we provide philanthropy to families and children in need.
14.Meet Interesting People You never know who you might meet in the lodge.  Harry Truman, once made a surprise visit to an Indianapolis Lodge.  CEO’s and General’s frequent our meetings, but most importantly, we all meet on the level and come together as people, regardless of our worldly achievements. 
15.Hospitality When traveling, you can visit any Masonic Lodge around the world.  Our brothers enjoy the hospitality, and local’s tips when travling in the US and abroad.  One for members got a private tour of a village in Italy on his honeymoon.  Our Brothers are always happy to help another out.