Become A Freemason

The fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons, or Freemasons, is the world’s oldest fraternity.  Some brothers are drawn to join because of a love of history, a desire to participate in the ceremonies or a desire to be a part of something bigger.  Sometimes brothers join because they want to expand their circle of acquaintances and build lasting friendships.

Whatever the reason, Freemasonry has a way of providing men of all ages exactly what they need.

Joining a Masonic Lodge is a big step and is not for everyone.  It is a life-long commitment so it is worth taking some time to pause and make sure this is the right organization for you.

We hope this information will help you in your decision-making process, but the best way to find out what we are about is to come visit.  You can contact us to let us know you’d like to come to dinner or an open house to see what we are about for yourself.

Why Join

Joining Millersville Masonic Lodge makes you a member of the world’s oldest and largest fraternity.  As a member, you are a brother with every other mason in the world.  Millersville brethren have traveled all over the world and enjoyed the hospitality and friendship of our universal fraternity.

Every brother has a different masonic experience.  Some are highly active and come to lodge meetings weekly.  Other brothers spend more time at one of the appendant bodies while other still receive their degrees and step away from regular attendance for months or even years.  All of these men, are still rewarded by being a Freemason.

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How to Join

How to join you wonder?  That’s Easy!  Just Ask!

Joining is something you must want to do for yourself, not because anyone else is pushing you or any other reason than because you want too.  For centuries Masons have had a motto “To be one, ask one.”

Joining starts with a visit.  Come to visit Millersville Lodge at one of our Tuesday dinners for a building tour or attend one of our open houses to meet some of our members and find out what Masonry is all about.

After you’ve had a chance to visit you can fill out a petition and the membership process will be under way.

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Open Houses

Every year Millersville hosts a series of open houses.  We open our doors, provide a brief program and tours of our lodge.  These open houses are for anyone interested in learning more about Freemasonry.  They are family-friendly and a great chance for everyone to ask questions and get real answers about Millersville Lodge and the fraternity at large.



You’re ready to go?  Great!  Fill out a petition to submit your formal application to join the lodge.

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After The Petition

There is a process every petitioner goes through.  Your petition is read at the next stated meeting, which is the first Tuesday of every month.  After that, you will be contact by a few of the brothers who will want to meet with you for investigation of your character.  It is a casual and fun conversation and a good chance to start to get to know some of the brothers.

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