Millersville Lodge is located at the corner of Kessler Boulevard and Emerson Way, about one block east of Binford Boulevard. The Lodge was founded in the Winpenny Mill in 1852.  We have grown to be one of the largest and most active Masonic Lodges in the state of Indiana.  Every Tuesday, 50 to 100 brethren, young and old alike, gather for dinner, fellowship, and of course, the conferring of the first three Masonic Degrees. Millersville Masonic Lodge is proud to have adapted through the centuries to still be a thriving and exciting environment for good men to meet in brotherhood.

Millersville Masonry

Every Masonic Lodge has a unique character that makes it special.  Millersville is particularly proud of the diverse group of men and its high level of activity.

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A lot goes into running a Masonic Lodge like Millersville.  While our officers and volunteers make it look easy, there is a small army always working to provide better programming and improving the experience of its members.

Officers | Trustees | Committees | Past Masters

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Freemasonry is a charitable and benevolent organization.  Every Master Mason has promised to help aid other Master Masons and their families.  We do this through the Indiana Masonic Home, The Millersville Low 12 Club and appeals from brothers in distress.  The members of Millersville Lodge, and the several Masonic appended bodies contribute to almost half a dozen charitable organizations that fund ground-breaking medial research, and provide assistance to children and communities.

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Millersville has a rich history.  Worshipful Brother David Cord has authored a detailed history of Millersville Lodge that provides insight as to how the Lodge has contributed to the growth of our area of suburban Indianapolis and how Freemasonry has evolved from its original founding.

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Lodge Tour

If you grew up or live in northeastern Indianapolis, there is a good chance you have driven by Millersville Masonic Lodge.  We are happy to give any visitors tours of our structure.

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 In Memorial

Immortality of the soul is a key believe of the Masonic fraternity.  We have a brief 20-minute ceremony to pay tribute and say farewell to our brothers who have been called to be with the Grand Architect of the Universe.

If you are a family member seeking a Masonic service for a loved one, please contact us.  We will be ready to assist.

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